In the Media

Review: MyMac

"All in all, for the money, a great buy for those who wish to stop sitting and want to stand up for something different. I give the UpStanding...

Inhabitat: The UpStanding Desk Transforms Your Regular Desk into a Standing One for Less Than $200

"These levels can also be adjusted in 1″ increments, which makes it easy to customize the height of the desk to your own body and preferred work setup....

Review: FitYourSpace

"This is a sturdy, well made desk... If you’d like to set up a permanent standing desk, this is one of the best ones you can get."

Gizmodo: This Clever Contraption Turns Any Table Into a Standing Desk

"It's pretty rare we find Kickstarter projects that actually do useful things that we like. Consider the fact that most standing desks are at least three times the...

Treehugger: Convert any desk into a stand-up workstation

"The UpStanding Desk is a flat-pack design that turns any desk into a fully customizable standing desk, without the hassle of fasteners or having to get rid of...

The Coolector: UpStanding Desk

"The saying “think on your feet” has never been more apt than with this excellent looking piece of design that goes by the name of the Upstanding Desk"

Gizmag: UpStanding Desk offers affordable way to work on your feet

"The UpStanding Desk offers a simpler and more affordable way to switch from sitting to standing – it's a unit that sits atop a normal desk or table,...

NBC Nightly News

The UpStanding Desk made an appearance on NBC Nightly News from DonorsChoose HQ in Manhattan! We love their mission and are so proud to have them as customers.