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About the desk: 

We created the UpStanding Desk to democratize access to the health and productivity benefits of standing desks by by making it easier and less expensive to improve the ergonomics of your workspace.

The UpStanding Desk is designed to be placed on top of any existing desk or table. Hold on to your furniture, if you already have it you probably like it!

Each desk has two levels: one for your keyboard/mouse or laptop, and the other for your screen. Each level is independently adjustable in 1" increments, which will let you tailor the height perfectly to your own body, workspace and computer. 

The desks are made up of five pieces of premium plywood that lock snugly together and can be assembled in less than a minute. There are no fasteners needed thanks to the precise, computer-guided manufacturing process.

Our shelves also have slots for cable management and a perfectly-sized groove for any smartphone or tablet, along with pass-through slots for power cables.


Sam's Story: 


About a year ago I was working in an office and asked for a standing desk because I'd heard that sitting all day was bad for my health. I found it hard to find time to get to the gym outside of working hours and figured a standing desk would be at least a small improvement to my sedentary lifestyle.

To get the desk I had to prove a medical need for it, because they were so expensive the office manager couldn't afford them for everyone who wanted one. Luckily I'm tall, so the ergonomics expert they brought in signed off on it.

To install the new desk they had to remove and replace my previous desk, which took a few hours. After a month of use I felt great, but the electric motor in the $1800 desk broke and they couldn't find anyone to fix it. Just like that, my expensive standing desk became a REALLY expensive sitting desk.

This year when I got to grad school I knew I wanted to try a standing desk again, but our work benches can’t be altered or removed.  I did some research on the options on the market but I found them to be poorly designed and way too expensive. In the end I decided to build a piece of furniture that could sit on top of the existing surface, and that I could take with me when school was over.

I asked my classmate Mikey to help with the design because I knew he had studied industrial design in college. He dove in to translating my terrible sketches into a file that we could upload to the robotic mill we have at school. We cut the first desk that day and I stuck it on top of my work bench and never looked back.

I've used that same prototype every day since then and I feel more energetic and productive. There’s something about a standing desk that helps me interact more with the people around me. It’s probably the same reason we tend to stand up when we’ve got an important phone call to make. 

Over the past two months, Mikey and I have worked our way through four successive versions, adding features and improving material and finish along the way. Now we're finally happy enough with our desk that we're ready to share it with you. The desk is made up of high quality materials but thanks to the brilliant simplicity of its manufacturing and assembly we are going to sell it for much less than almost any competitive product. By doing so we hope to get this healthier lifestyle onto the desks and tables of as many people like you as we possibly can.



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