What is the height of the shelves from the existing desk or table-top?

For the Standard Desk, the keyboard shelf has a range of 4-14in above the existing surface, and the monitor shelf has a range of 14-25in above the surface.

For the Tall Desk, the keyboard shelf has a range of 10-20in above the existing surface, and the monitor shelf has a range of 20-31in above the surface.

For all desks, shelf slots are positioned every 1.75in.

To ensure that you have the proper fit, please refer to this illustration:

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  • Hi Russell,

    Great idea! We’ll work on a little chart to show approximate delivery estimates, will be good to have full transparency for customers like you. Will post it on the blog over the weekend!


    Sam from the UpStanding Desk on
  • Is there any tracking method to show expected production/ship dates based on your backlog and current production capacity? Ordered mine last month and curious when to expect it.

    Russell on
  • Hi all!

    @Justin, as described in our email update we’ve had a bit of a delay due to manufacturing issues. Your desk should be delivered around the end of the month, assuming all goes according to plan!

    @Mike, glad to hear it! The desks are pretty impervious, but we’ve seen UpStanders finish them with satin varnish, paint, stains… you name it! Worst-case scenario if you stain it by mistake, you can easily sand it off!


    Sam from the UpStanding Desk on
  • Desk received! Hoorah!

    A soon to be FAQs: How do you care for the desk once you are using? How to clean? What product to use/not-use? Anything people are doing to modify their desks?

    Mike Reetz on
  • We are anxious for our desk order here in Youngstown Ohio! Any updates on shipping?

    Justin on
  • Hi Mike,

    The soonest we can get one to Cambridge will be early October once we’ve worked through all of the other orders that have been placed! We’re hoping to get faster but for now we’ve got a lot of backlog to deal with!



    Sam from the UpStanding Desk on
  • How soon can I get one. I live in Cambridge, MA. Can you get one to me within a week?

    mike on
  • Hi Adriana,

    Sorry for the delayed response, just saw this comment! We’re working with a partner in the UK who should be able to ship throughout W. Europe. We’ll be sure to update the site as soon as it’s ready!



    Sam from the UpStanding Desk on
  • when are you shipping to europe ?

    Adriana Verhagen on
  • Hey Sam – I’ve been using a piece of outdoor furniture ( a wooden slated end table ) from World Market as my standing desk. To get the keyboard height correct, I cut about an inch off the legs which has my keyboard at 15.5" above my regular desk. And my separate 24" monitor sits at that same level.

    The point of my writing this comment is that I found that because I wear progressive prescription eyeglasses, having the monitor at the ergonomically correct height shown in your illustration will not work for me. To hold my head straight up with good posture, I need to look through the botton of my eyeglasses so my monitor needs to be quite a bit lower.

    I bet your adjustability will take care of that variation quite well. Just wanted to share how eyeglass presciptions can affect the geometry of your standing desk ergonomics.

    Can’t wait to get my desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a kid going to Disneyworld, are we there yet??

    Jim Whitton on

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