The Standard, December Edition

Ships to USA only

About The Standard

The Standard UpStanding Desk is an affordable, functional, and portable furniture design that will allow you to turn any desk or table into a fully customizable standing desk. It's our most popular and affordable option, perfect for those with a single monitor setup or a small workspace. It's also got cord management slots to tidy up your workspace and a perfectly-sized groove with charging-cable pass-throughs for your tablets and smartphones.

Many other options on the market require you to either move or get rid of your existing office furniture. They're also expensive and hard to assemble and move. In creating The UpStanding Desk, our goal was to build a more sustainable, portable, risk-free standing desk for anyone who's curious about the health benefits but doesn't want to invest quite so much time and money in the solution.

About the timeline

We're currently scaling up to a higher capacity after our thrilling Kickstarter campaign, and our current manufacturing partner has a limited monthly capacity. As such, we'll be offering a total of 150 desks per month, and will open up new tiers as soon as the current month is filled. We're aiming for December because we've already filled the capacity of our November-edition desks.

We guarantee delivery in the month of December, and we remain optimistic that we'll be able to fulfill your order even sooner as we get accustomed to our new workflow! 

Product details

The Standard / Standard

Built for users 5ft 1in-6ft 1in and has a width of 29in, a depth of 25in, and a height of 27in. 

The Standard / Tall 

Designed for users 6ft-6ft 8in and has a width of 29in, a depth of 25in, and a height of 33in. No charge for the extra material, we love tall people too!

Materials: Every UpStanding desk is made from furniture-grade Baltic Birch plywood, hand-sanded for a soft finish.

Assembly: The UpStanding desk has five pieces that lock together without fasteners and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes.  It packs flat for easy transport.

What's in the box: One Standard desk, adhesive rubber feet, and an ergonomics guide!

Shipping : Our boxes are surprisingly big and weigh 25-33lbs depending on the desk. As such, the shipping cost might surprise you--it certainly surprised us! It's totally worth it. We promise.

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